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I've been doing lots of research and a little bit of tinkering on designing and building my own heavy lift drone. I'm trying to design something that is scalable. So for now I'll build a small prototype and down the road I will scale it up. My original idea was always to build a coaxial drone (similair to a Kamov Ka-32 helicopter). I always liked the idea of a coaxial drone and as far as I was aware, before starting my reasearch, the coaxial design was generally better for heavy lift applications. However, now I'm reading that isn't the case. That the design is less efficient than a quadcopter. I'm just wondering if I will hit a wall on scalability of a coaxial drone. Seeing as it will be a two motor design with a single gearbox will I be limited on power at some point? If anyone has any experience with these two designs I'd love to hear your feedback and the pros and cons of both. 

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