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    Jose, if your yellow LED activates when you put full throttle. I think some of your RC channels are badly mixed. Yellow LED is lit only in case if you have GPS position hold activated. So it looks like your throttle channel is actually working as aux channel or something like that.


    Check your cabling and channel order.


    You can use code from either download area or from trunk. On trunk code there are few extra fixes/features activated.

  • I would agree..I have the same issue with yaw kicking in and trying to correct immediately on the ground right

    after arming, and again in the other direction when disarming...I am coding the same issue...

  • Kari,


    It works!

    My min throttle in CLI is now set on 1092.

    I connect the batt and the props don't turn.

    I arm the motors. Props don't spin yet.I give a little thorttle and they spin up. Quad lifts with more power so no problem there what so ever.

    When I pull throttle back down, props keep spinning and left motor comes to a standstill. When I throttle back up the motor stays still. I have to rearm the motors to have effect.

    The value you discribed is a little bit to low so I'll check the code and see that I can change the value.


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    There are few problems with this patch. Some radios actually gives throttle values less than 1000 also some radios gives min throttle as 1200.Min throttle is also used to calculate throttle mid stick on altitude hold. Also min throttle value is used to keep motors spinning all the time and this way we can avoid all accidentally motor shutdowns.


    Accidental motor shutdowns due too low values is usually fatal, some times BL motors won't start fast enough and that could cause a crash to whole device.


    For posting code, our Issue tracker is always good too. From there whole development group can see what type of suggestions/problems users do have.


    Will look more and test this patch..

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