Communicating with APM

Me, again - I think I am thickI have been trying to get this working - at present the following:1. Compiled and downloaded (34840 bytes) the stock standard RC1. Downloads 100%.2. Power up from USB, without any ESCs connected i.e. only the Receiver and APM.3. The lights ABC lights on the IMU flash quickly and then dissapear. The TX/RX lights work when I talk to it as expected. The blue power LED on the IMU works.4. The lights on the Mega board work as follows, Blue PWM flashing, Red and Orange on constantly.And thats all that happens - I cannot talk to it with Configurator and if I monitor the serial - nothing comes out - even if I try serial commands.I have followed the guide for serial atec and think that is all setup correctly.If I read what lights should be up on the IMU - the ABC lights should be on after a fix ?I hope I am just being thick here.

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  • I am sure I did this, but will check when I get home - if this is the case - i owe you a beer.
  • Oh and the only switches i have on now in the code is the #define Configurator

    From Code:
    1) A, B, C LED's blinking rapidly while waiting ESCs to bootup and initial shake to end from connecting battery
    2) A, B, C LED's have running light while calibrating Gyro/Acc's
    3) Green LED Solid after initialization finished

    So only part 1 goes - but as have no esc's connected just running off USB. Then dont get to step two
  • Ok in summary

    I do a download - Aurduino is happy and says does download - both orange comms leds go ballistic for 20s and then,
    ABC (Green Orange and Red) LEDs flash quickly for 5s then go off.

    And thats it.
    I open the serial port and nothing shows in the box - Andy commands .e.g."D" seem to have no affect, but I can see the oragne TX led coming on when I send a command.

    I is likely to be a dud IMU or badly soldered (altho I was very careful)? The APM board seems fine (blinking blue, solid orange and red)

    How can I get more diagnostics? I feel a bit in the dark....
  • do you use the ardupilot configurator?
    have you accidentally uncommented the //IsXbee command?
  • What is you timeout value set to? Try using 9 seconds or higher. Mine defaults to 5 which is too short a time for the APM to reboots and be picked up by the configurator as being active.
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