Hi @all,

2 little questions:

I'm using the latest MP release 1.1.12 and loaded the tricopter onto the ArduPilot + IMU v2 shield. (Mac 8.1 OS Lion with Windows XP through Virtualbox).

1) I soldered the compass (DIY compass) onto the board as described in the Wikireference. I had to unsolder once the Pin extension since I screwed it the first time up....the compass is ticked in the setup and when I enter in the Test/CLI mode (3xtimes enter) I can do all tests but when doing the compass then I just get "0,0,0".

I've 5V on the compass pins. Any Idea why the compass just reads 0,0,0? Does it work indoors? (Stupid question I know)  What would be the output if the compass (in case the compass does not initialize) or the I2C bus is damaged (during soldering)?

2) The installed magnetometer is selected also in the setup. MP1200. The sonar test has quite some offset. Even if I put my hand right in front of it (or any otherr object), I've minimum indication of 23cm, but on the other hand, the sonar gives "too short" distance for long range (like 2-3meters). Might be caused by reflections? (Indoor tested).


Ideas appreciated. Thanks in advance. First time Ardupilot user. :-)




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Oh, BTW...when is LED "B" illuminiated?...it's on my currently always dark (just did some quick first time testing last night). T




Hmmm...I guess this is a "not again such a question" post.

Had a few minutes of time, and I used it to measure the lines. Seems like SCL is not connected, I'll try to resolder tomorrow. In case this does not work, I will use the alternative I2C port or I put a patch from PIN3 of the I2C chip to SCL of the magnetometer

Since there are quite many entries about sonar problems, I assume that the offset is "as it is" and live with it currently. At least until my LIDAR works ,-)





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