Is there any apps for android tablets that allow compass calibration?  I need to be able to calibrate in the field but don't always have the ability to bring something with windows on it.  Sorry if this has been covered, I tried searching but came up empty.,.. I'm still new to APM.  Thanks in advance!

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You only need to calibrate the compass once. It's not required to redo unless you change the vehicle frame etc in some way.

Problem is we have a few that travel all over the country. We've been using DJI and just recently switched to Pixhawk. I know they don't have to be calibrated very often but I assume when traveling 300-500 miles from the last flight location, the compass will have to be recalibrated. Yes, one of the reasons I asked the question was because I don't want to have to haul a laptop... The other is some of the people who will be flying I really don't want screwing with Mission Planner.
No, you don't. The compass calibration is to remove the effects of metal in the frame.

The compass declination is calculated from a built in function which changes depending on location.
Ok, cool... Good to know, thanks! Just for argument sake, is it possible for the compass to get out of calibration from outside sources such as large metal objects or magnets? These are being used in agriculture and will inevitably be near tractors or power tools at some point. I caught a guy one time that had his copter in his case in the bed of his pickup with a 24v Milwaukee drill sitting on top of it.

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