I am using the latest greatest version of the MIssion planner and AC3.3.1 for the pixhawk. I am using a Drotek M8N XL GPS & MAG.

I am facing a strange problem when I perform a compass calibration over the wireless. All the points get collected at the edge of RED axis instead of centring at the intersection of all the axis. As a result of this none of the white dots get matched and I cannot complete a compass calibration.

If I use the USB wire to connect to the pixhawk and perform the compass calibration, when it starts for a few seconds the points again get accumulated towards the edge of the RED axis however immediately get reset to the centre allowing me to complete a successful calibration.

Effectively what this means is that I cannot perform a compass calibration when the pixhawk is connected over wireless. Any thoughts on why this could be happening?


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