Compass Fails Initialization

I'm using an APM2 from the first batch and am, having some trouble with the compass/magnetometer enable setting.  The board set has been flying and I'm just investigating the compass as prep to moving it to a quad.

I can check Planner's enable box for the compass and that changes MAG_ENABLE to "1". So, I write params to the APM2, then disconnect and reconnect Planner.  After re-reading the params, MAG_ENABLE is still set to 1.

Now I power down the plane and reconnect the battery.  Next, reconnect Planner and it reads the params.  MAG_ENABLE is now "0", and Planner's compass checkbox is unchecked. 

When I use the CLI it tells be that "Compass Initialization Failed!" for an HMC5883L device.

Is this an RTFM, a bug or a hardware fault?


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  • I have exactly the same issue with mine. Let me know if you have found anything.

    Now I'm trying to discuss this with support.

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