Compass "Live Calibration" - not seeing axes rotating, white dots, or data points

I've had both successful and unsuccessful attempts at Live Calibration with the Pixhawk and Pixhawk clones using USB and Telemetry.

Currently, I'm trying to setup a new airframe, and am not seeing any movement on the live calibration screen when I move my aircraft. The data points number increments, but I don't see axes rotating, white dots, or data points. Upon manually clicking done, I see invalid offsets in the range of 450. 

Any idea what the cause may be? I am running Mission Planner in a VM environment on a mac.

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this is because your vm environment doesn't support opengl.

what vm emulator are you using?

Running Windows 7 in the latest VMWare Fusion. Host system is a 2008 Macbook Pro running Yosemite.

I'll test this feature on non virtualized environment, and see if that works for me.

Testing now with the latest mission planner on a PC, in the live compass calibration, the white dots appear and the grid starts rotating, but stops after 3 samples and no longer collects any samples.

Hi Nick,

Did you get this figured out?  I just updated to the newest firmware and am attempting to calibrate the compass -- no axes, no white dots, no colored dots.  Running WIndows 7 on Parallels 9.


I was able to eventually get this working - but only on an actual PC. I believe Mission Planner's use of OpenGL is problematic for VMs. I've have other stability issues in Mission Planner while running in a VM.

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