Compass values

3691081649?profile=originalAfter compass calibration I got these values
 Is  all done properly? Can I be sure?
Can't find  information about  Mag Y and Mag X
What these values mean?

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  • mag y and mag z refer to your local magnetic location on earth at that time where you did your calibration! Like doing land nav with a compass and need to know magnetic north and grid north to find your way. They can vary greatly in different parts of the earth...continent....get my drift...then again I don't know what you are using there this is just what I know about land navigation (military) then again those almost look like lat long...but not really. If you have a GPS(use it to see) or a smartphone (download a GPS app) if you are within 10 meters of that location in lat long then you are good. If not then it is referring to your magnetic location as described above......hope this helps!

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