I am attempting to get all my ArduCopter development environments setup on my MacBook Pro w/ OSX but keep getting errors when I try to "Verify" the sketch in the Arduino IDE (patch version from diydrones download page)..  Here is what I have done and any help would be much appreciated for errors that i have made.  I am new at this and am just trying to learn how to comile this application.  I can compile the tutorial apps fine that come with Arduino (figured this would be just as easy).

1.  Downloaded and unzipped the ArduCopter 2.2b4 release.

2.  DownloadedI Arduino IDE (patch version from diydrones repository).

3.  Moved the "ArduCopter" and "Libraries" folder from zip file to the sketchbook folder designated by Arduino IDE (using the standard "documents/Arduino" folder)

4.  Opened the ArduCopter.pde file.

5.  Clicked the "Verify" button.

Get the following errors (along with a list of others):

ArduCopter.cpp:52:24: error: FastSerial.h: No such file or directory
ArduCopter.cpp:53:23: error: AP_Common.h: No such file or directory
ArduCopter.cpp:54:39: error: Arduino_Mega_ISR_Registry.h: No such file or directory

For some reason, when verifying, the Andruino cannot find the location of any of the included header files.  

I think that I am doing something stupid but any help would be much appreciated.  I think that I have followed all the directions but seems like I missed something or have a configuration problem.

Thanks in advance!


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  • I think you frogot to copy your libraries in the Arduino installation driretory,
    This should solve the problem, if you didn't already find it on your own.



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