compiling pixhawk qgroundcontrol

Hi Everyone I have run into some compile issues while trying to compile V10Release of qgroundcontrol.


Following the instructions on When i try to compile it using Qtcreator, i get the following error.

/src/ui/MainWindow.h:52: error: AS4Protocol.h: No such file or directory

Would appreciate  it if anyone who has successfully compiled this gcs gives me some pointers






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  • Hi,


    Please note that you're trying to compile a non-master branch. Any branch different from master is a developer / experimental branch and only recommended for advanced developers. Please also note that this version of QGroundControl will only decode MAVLink v1.0 (which isn't out yet) and which is not yet deployed to the autopilots. If you're aware of this please go on. There is a v10release branch in the MAVLink repository as well for those wanting to try out the new version. APM and other autopilots will soon upgrade to this.


    Besides these comments the reference to AS4Protocol was indeed bogus and I've removed it - thank you for the report! Please pull again via GIT to get the update.

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Aug 25