Complete Oil Pan Gyro/Accel Failure???

I am 99% confident I have a problem with the IMU board. It was much easier to explain my problems via video so here is a link of a demonstration of what is happening with my ArduPilot Mega IMU board. There was a *very* tiny scratch on one side of the board but I am also confident that it does not pose an issue. I have been on the forums looking for someone that has my problem and so far I have not found one person with the same problem. The CLI IMU data just shows it moving all over the place and I don't know what is going on. There is more of a description of the problem underneath the video itself. Please help me!!!!!! I've saved for this project for six months!-Robb-

ADC Data.docx

GyroAccel CLI Data.docx

IMU CLI Data.docx

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  • I'm having what looks to be the same problem.  I have my AMP/IMU connected via USB directly to my laptop and the configurator is showing Gyro Roll data all over the board.  The Gyro Pitch is bouncing a little & everything else looks like it's functioning OK.  Not sure what's causing this.  Suggestions would be appreciated.


  • I received the parts back today and HOORAY! All CLI data looks very good now! I am a couple of days away from getting back home to my plane so I can't install it yet. Thanks to all again!!

  • Thank you to everyone that helped me! Support emailed me today and confirmed that the XY Gyro was out of calibration or something and also needed to be reflowed. They tested my IMU afterwards as well as my APM module and have now said that everything is working fine now! Everyone here has been nothing but helpful and I wish you all calm winds and no glitches!

  • mine did this (similar elevator movement) when I used the dip switches.  then it went back to normal when i put all the switches down.
  • Thanks for the reply and yes, I have tried the tests under USB power only. I have emailed the problem to diydrones help address and received this reply:

    "Hi Robb,

    Thank you for all the information and we apologize for the malfunctioning board. I believe that the xy gryo is what is causing the problem. Since the gyro has offset values your plane is trying to stabilize from them. It may be that the chip is offset and not contacting correctly. You would have to send it in so we can reflow and realign the gyro.

    I have created RMA #xxx for you. Please make sure you include this number inside of your package. Also, please send me an email when you send it to us. We will take a closer look at it and if we are not able to fix it than we will send you a new one. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

  • No I've only powered up inside and never have gotten a GPS lock. How do I know if the MediaTek GPS firmware is version 1.6 or not? Honestly I'm not that worried about it. I have seen people on here have a working 'stabilization mode' without the GPS even hooked up...

  • In the video it is being powered by the plane's battery which is an 11.1v 15C LiPo controlled to 5vDC by the ESC. The board itself is the 1.4 APM and the code is Ardupilot Mega 1.02. I apologize that I did not include that information!


    P.S. Thank you all for replying so quickly!!
  • In your video you didnt get mtk lockup... it needs to go solid, then youll get C (red) lit.

    Do you ever get this far?

    What version of APM are you using?

  • By the way I attatched CLI data from the ADC, the Gyro/Accelerometer and the IMU. Also, when I say I'm a noob in the video, I mean in a programming aspect. If it is a software problem I will *never* find it on my own....
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