Hi all

I have decided that I want to learn computer programming using C, but before I commit myself I would appreciate a little input from some of you guys and would be greatfull of anything constructive

I have noticed that there are quite a number of variations to the C language, is there a specific one that is more siuted to autopilot programming?

Could anyone recommend the best compiler and know where I can get one

Would I be better of long term to start with C++?

Many thanks

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Since the original C is a subset of C++, start with learning C. Also, C++ is not really used in the world of MCU's (e.g. PIC's), use it if you have a more powerful autopilot platform. Here is a good place to start:
Personally I bought a Pickit2 starter kit from Microchip, I learn MCU C programming on that.
You can download a free version of HI-Tech C compiler.
There are lots of free MCU C compilers.
Note that Arduino, which is what we use for all of our autopilots, is essentially C. (It actually uses a language called Processing, but that's just C with some extensions).

It's free, has a great IDE, and big support community. Also very cool right now ;-)
Actually Arduino uses C++ with proven and reliable GCC compiler.
Correction: Michal B says, there is a C++ compiler for Arduino (AVR)

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