Config Tool to GCS HELP PLEASE!!

HI all,Ok, having a problem getting somthing into my thick head...As some of you know, I hve been trying to write a new GCS for our superb Ardupilot, with some success v2.6.4 (have a look if you havent got it) BUT....I cant get it into my head HOW config tool uploads the waypoints to the AP.OK GE is no issue, understand that and i feel fairly certian that i can write it in LV, but i need to understand the serial string sent to the AP and what order its sent(all the variable and protocol)I have read the source for the config tool, but im not a conventional programmer, so deosnt make a huge amount of sence to me, but wanted to add this functionality to the GCS.This is the first step in real time re-tasking of the AP with new Wp`sCan anyone help explain this to me?

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  • hello brother, what IDE are ypu using to read the code ?

    Are microsoft visual studio ?

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