Does anybody have good configurating file to M8N. And may be somebody have a good tutorial, or can explain , how to load configuration file into u-center, to do some changes and save it again. Or easier way to create that file from zero. 

Already tryied https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69142430/M8N%20shaggee.txt    this one, but half of messages didn't be correctly loaded,because something with versions in u-center

I need only gps logs ubx format file with time,lat,lon,alt,roll,pitch,yaw___and use gps/glonass mode. 

Thanks a lot.

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Same for me too.

I am total new on this :-)

Thanks in advance.

why do you need one? i just plugged my M8N to Pix and  it was worked fine w/o any config file....

The default settings should work well, so nothing needs to be changed. If you do change the configuration in u-center then you have to save it with >Receiver>Action>Save Config or it will be erased when you power off. 

You can change the configuration settings individually with u-center. You can set the dynamic model to airborne in the NAV5 config message. You can limit the messages you get with the configuration settings in u-center if you want only messages that have time, lat, lon, alt. Roll, pitch and yaw won't come from a GNSS module alone, you need sensors for these. GPS/GLONASS mode is set by default, so nothing would need to be changed for this.

Here's some info from 3DR on how to load a configuration file. The config file they provide is outdated for the M8N. You can make your own file by changing the configurations in u-center that you want, and then using the GPS >> File option to save the set of options to a config file. Then you would load it in as they describe in the tutorial. 

You should not actually need to set anything - pixhawk will send initialization commands to the M8N to set the main things such as baudrate each time it boots. There are some settings it may be worth setting through u-Centre, but they really aren't many and I have no idea whether they really make much difference.

The only change that my Ublox Neo-M8N GPS with Compass seems to need is a wire change on the compass plug. I got 10 sats in 29 seconds, but I cannot get a green light on the Pix. The red wire on the compass plug from the HK M8N is in a different place from the 3DR Ublox compass plug. I would like see an official 3DR recommended setup on this before I fry something.

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