Recently i was trying to enable MODE in the logs menu (CLI of course).  Unfortunately there isn't a confirmation message that can validate you command. For ex. i've attached a screen capture with what i was tring to do. Question : now i have the Mode log info enabled or not ?

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Hi Alex; with 2.0.49, in cli, i first disabled all (cleaning default) , then enabled all, then disabled those i didn't want, it kept MODE ON like i wanted ;  To check if ok, disconnect, reconnect, and simply list the actual logged stuff, you should see it in the prompt response

I've tried several times, but it's not working. It seems that the mode info it isn't available to be displayed..... (see the capture screen)

So the MODE info is not available to be displayed  in log?   Anyone ?

The mode info is found in the PM first value named as: control mode.

You will have a number wich correspond to the control mode:

STABILIZE 0 // hold level position

ACRO 1 // rate control

ALT_HOLD 2 //AUTO control

AUTO 3 // AUTO control

GUIDED 4 // AUTO control

LOITER 5 // Hold a single location

RTL 6 // AUTO control

CIRCLE 7 // AUTO control

POSITION 8 // AUTO control


Thank you Nicolas, I will try today.

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