Hi All,

Could anyone please have a look at this and let me know whether the following diagram is correct. 

Since the the main V+ (4S lipo) is connecting directly to APM1, plus wiki was not clear for me, It would be great if some one can confirm. 

Ofcourse, soldering on photoshop was not easy :-)




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  • I am about to solder my Attopilot volt & current sensor and saw your post..... I am a bit confused....


    I was under the understanding that the voltage input to the APM board should come from the V sense pin (between the Gnd and I pin on the sensor baord) as this has already gone through the correct limiting/shunt resistors... your diagram above is taking it from the main +ve power and then through a voltage divider on the APM board. Is there a reason the V out from the sensor is not used?


    I saw the diagram shown using the V pin at the bottom of this wiki page - although that diagram is for the APM2 board (I have an APM1)


    Thanks in advance

  • Thats pretty much what I did on the APM1. Took the full voltage, soldered the 3.9k resistor onto the board for the voltage feed. Current measurement was from the sensor, no voltage divider resistor for that one. I didn't find it particularly accurate, took a bit of fiddling to get the numbers about right.

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