hey guys,

i am working on a drone project, and i have currently a task that obligates me to get all the data from the apm 2.8 that i am working on .. on the telemetry port, i got the MinimOSD and Telemetry connected in parallel and works 100% fine like shown in Figure .

As far as i know is that MinimOSD is an arduino based board that can get the data from the apm and display it on the screen using MAVlink protocol.

well, i wanted to get the gps data and all of that on an arduino uno board directly connected to the telemetry port ..but i dont have a large info about mavlink and its not my main task.. i just want to get those data on the arduino and be able to see them on Serial monitor (if i can get those data visible on the arduino, i can continue my task without problems using those data ive got as a parameters)

PS: I have tried to connect the arduino uno in parallel using the same MinimOSD code, and i tried to print some data.. but sadly when the arduino uno is connected, the telemetry port stop working and i cannot collect any data from the port (mission planer stop getting any data.. the telemetry port is frozen )

So if anybody can help me how to connect the arduino uno with this Telemetry and MinimOSD, and what code should i use to get those data visible on Serial monitor when the arduino is connected via usb to the pc

Thanks in advance

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