Connect APM with Jumper installed over USB

I just received a second APM unit, tested it with USB as it came, then installed the Jumper and tested it again with USB, only to have the board light up, lights out, and usb surge message on my macbook pro.

I'm at a loss and totally gutted to say the least. 

Is this previously documented? I can't believe you would have to remove the jumper while connected over USB, and it certainly doesn't mention it in the manual. 

I did not have battery plugged in also, however I did have the ext. compass + magnetometer plugged in.

Help or advice anyone?


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  • Further details that might help nail the problem:

    Craft - Octocopter
    Power - 6S, regulated through 5v/5A UBEC, measured supply voltage is 5.27v. ( ... ipoly.html)

    Com Port set, baud rate set appropriately for MP.

    UBEC plugged into output rail of APM, with J1 installed. 

    Measured voltage on input rail with UBEC installed - 4.99V


    1) Initial power up was just USB power, no J1, via macbook pro. Initial power up and firmware update successful. Device connected.

    2) Disconnected, USB unplugged, J1 installed, UBEC plugged into output rail and powered up. Device LED sequence indicated supply was fine.

    3) Peripherals GPS, Telem, JETI R18 ex + RSAT2 Reciever connected, Plugged in UBEC and powered on. 

    4) Could not achieve Mavlink Connection via Telem modem and MP.

    5) Unplugged UBEC, left above peripherals connected, and plugged in USB.
    All LED's flashed and extinguished, over voltage warning displayed on MBP screen, USB port shutdown.

    6) Restart MBP

    7) Unplugged all Peripherals, uninstalled J1, plugged in via USB. Blue LED flash 2 times and fade out, no connection to MP.

    ... APM no longer functional.

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