connecting brushless motor to APM

i would like to know how do i go about connecting the brushless motor to the APM board?

i currently have a ESC 
2 wires going to +ve and -ve of brushless motor
3 wires (red, black, yellow) going to output 0 of APM board

2 wires going to battery - can i connect this 2 wires to the regulated output voltage (5V) on the APM or do i need to connect to a external battery?

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  • i currently have a ESC n a brushed motor. Do i still need anymore component in order to control the speed n direction of the brushed motor using APM?
  • how do i check whether my motor is a brushed, brushless ? N my ESC only has 2 wire going 2 motor n 3 wires from ESC to the APM.
  • is a brushless motor also call a stepper motor?
    is brushless motor = stepper motor?
  • i think i hve understand what u hve said.
  • I mean can the programming code for controlling the speed of the DC motor to be use on brushless motor?
    will it work the same as the DC motor?
  • thanks!
    And i would like to know can i use the code for dc motor for my brushless motor? Will it work?
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    You need to connect it to an external battery. Please see the diagram in the manual.
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