Hello Everyone.

I'm new to PX4 and drones. I am trying to connect my raspberry pi 3 to PX4 wirelessly. I connect the PX4 hotspot WiFi to the Raspberry pi (Ardupilot). I have installed MAVProxy version 1.6.1 on the raspberry pi together with all the dependencies. When I try to connect PX4 with the raspberry pi cia USB port, the MAVProxy works fine and displays an output. However, when I try to connect it wirelessly (via UDP), I dont see any output and it keeps on connecting. I have attached a screenshot below. Also, I dont think there is a problem with the pixhawk PX4 because I have tried connecting it with Mission Planner via UDP and it works just fine.

The IP address in the screenshot is the IP address of Raspberry-pi (obtained by ifconfig).

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