solid red led after changing BMP085 to MS5611


after takeing the bosch 085 bro out putting instead ms5611 i2c 3.3v

thanks to Frank Al for sharing this

I get  initializing constant (solid red led) and when I run tests

looks like the baro isn't calibrated when I try to calibrate it it get stuck  

i run varies test using arduino and all seems fine even the new ms5611

what am i doing wrong?


any tip maybe regards modifying the code to ignore or disable the onboard baro bosch as it has been removed and replaced with the ms5611?

where in the code can i modify it?  


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  • Hi Elad!!

    Any progress?

    I did this steps  but my copter didn't arm any more. 

    I need your help?


  • I use arduplane maybe that is the reason

    I double checked everything I could using the examples test

    the only issue I can see is when it gets to the initializing of the baro it get stuck then it continue with apm initializing constant

    I will have a scope this weekend then I could check the actual signal and see if any damaged but I believe it is just a code problem as I had the baro test in the photo at the first reply

    the only damaged done to the shield as far as I could see is small trace of the old bosch baro that pulled up and been cut

    added better resolution photos no reason



  • Hi Elad,

    There was no need to remove the bosch baro because it has another i2c address. Are you sure no collateral damage was done ?

    The only thing you really should do is make the correct connections, place the solder-jumpers, replace the AP_Baro_MS5611.cpp and put #define CONFIG_BARO AP_BARO_MS5611 in APM_Config.h

    The latter prevents initialization of the bosch baro. In fact, I just use the standard MS5611 arducopter code but communicate I2C instead of SPI.

    Btw: I didn't test 2.9 yet.

  • i have added the AP_Baro_MS5611_test serial output


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