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Hello friends. I want to get started in this wonderful world of developing UAVs and would like to advise me where I start , I want to start from scratch and implement complex control algorithms for the design of it . Thank you!!

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  • Hi fabio and Kyle,

    Kyle I wrote the wiki article you linked - a long time ago.

    While it is essentially still true, as to the specific recommendations for particular products, a lot has changed.

    Before anything else, you still need to learn to fly a quadcopter and there are a ton of inexpensive Chinese ones that are very well suited to the purpose, you should get a light small one as they survive crashing very well and you do a lot of that when you start.

    Fabio, I understand your desire to program your own stuff, but for the most part understand that programming these things is a very serious undertaking and you will need to learn a lot before you can even get started.

    Of course you can also take the companion computer route linked by Kyle above and then you have more freedom as to programming.

    The most powerful flight controller that is currently available to the general public is the one that we support, the Pixhawk and several variants made by others that still use it's firmware.

    You will need to look at and probably interact with the ArduPilot developers group and study their programming methods to have any hope of doing anything worthwhile with it.

    As for building yourself, when you are ready, the variety of 250 to 280 sized FPV racing frames would be a good way to start and you can even start with a simpler controller like the NAZE which is also open source and then upgrade to a Pixhawk if you choose to do so.

    Don't start with anything smaller than a 250 at this time, it is too difficult to cram a Pixhawk into it.

    These are just a few thoughts that might help, if I were to rewrite that page it would be pretty much the same, just the specific examples would have changed.

    Best Regards,

    Gary McCray

  • This is a good place to start in general:

    And this is a good place to start with "complex control algorithms":

    Archived: Build Your Own Multicopter — Copter documentation
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    Hi Fabio,

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  • Happy to help but that is a very big question you are asking !

    Do you have a background in:

    Structural mechanics

    Power management and control

    RF systems

    CNC manufacturing

    Command and control systems


    Do you have engineering design and manufacturing facilities

    Are you competent with 3D modelling software

    Do you have a very deep pocket ? !

    Perhaps if you have a specific question I could help :)



  • What kind of help you are seeking?

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