• Hi John,

    What is your application for this wing. Looking at the concept, you have a landing problem if it is not a parachute landing. The fins, dome and prop/motor will not survive. Determine your payload, get the dimensions of the kit you want to load in and design the fuse around that. Your concept fuse seems very 'flat'.

    There are many great resources on the web with a lot of info. You can use eCalc to get an idea of the battery/power plant requirements. 

    There are some good airfoil tools available -

    You will have to look at a composite construction - a foam core with 100g/m2 glass or carbon laminate in a vacuum bag process.

    Or you can skip re-inventing the wheel and buy a composite wing. I know the large Skywalker wing is available in a composite version.

    Good luck

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  • Hi, were you able to do the design and calculations? I just joined this forum and looks nice place to share knowledge about UAVs and Aircraft designs. I can help with your work

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