Control circuit for testing ESC/motor/prop

Has anyone got a schematic for a 'wired' control to increase the RPM of a motor (with prop attached) from 0 to 100%. I would prefer not to use a Tx/Rx/Flight Controller.

Imagine if the motor were a light bulb, I am looking for the 'dimmer' circuit. I plan to wire the battery/ESC/Motor and a dial sort of control mechanism to control the signal to the ESC without any radio or flight controller involved.

I want to do some bench testing of the power/efficiency of the battery/ESC/motor/prop combinations.

I have looked on the web for any Instructible or other type of tutorial or even an off-the-shelf equipment to buy, and I have not yet found any. Id there a name for such a device that I should use in my search?

Thanks in advance.

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Aug 25