Control individual motors on Arducopter

Hey Guys!

My first post here. Glad to be part of this community. Im also new to building/flying drones and I have been doing a lot of reading just to get up to speed. I recently purchased an arducopter, waiting for it to be delivered.


I have a question with regard to the arducopter. I know this might sound rather strange, but is there a way to manually control the speed of each individual motor rather than having the microprocessor do it for me? 

I apologize if I posted this in the wrong place as well. I am still gething used to this forum.

Any input will help. Thanks

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  • It might be a good idea to send raw flight data to pc, then calculate it and send back to the copter signals for motor control only. However, this is so unusual method... There should be some troubles with speed and operating frequency.

  • Do you really mean Wifi? As in 802.11x? Considering the RTT of Wifi, I don't think you will have much success. Usually the control loops run at xxx Hz up to xx Khz.Using Wifi you would need to sample the sensors, send the values, do offboard calculations and send back motor commands.

    I am very interested to see how far you can get with this!






  • Hi Justin! Why not?! Of course it's possible, just plug in every ESC cable in each output channel of your receiver respectively. It even can be done without Ardupilot or some other board at all. But, why do you want to use this mode? It's almost impossible to fly using this.

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