Hi again, 

I started to dig into the auto mode which has some incredible features! But I already struggle on some questions that you might help me out with.

First of all, is there any waypoint mission where I would be able to control the altitude using the throttle... Like having a 30 second LOITER_TIME where i could play around like in Loiter mode and after this time the drone would continue its mission ? (I actually need to control the altitude).

Otherwise, is there a way I could PAUSE the mission ? Some controller command that would set the drone to a halt in a loiter mode until it gets the order to continue ? 

And finaly, how accurate is the LAND mode ? By that I mean: what happens if there is a sudden burst of wind that would move the copter 1m away from its land target ? Will it continue going down while trying to correct its position, or will it stop for a second in order to get back to its position and then start Landing again ?

I hope my questions are clear enough. I hope you'll be able to help me and I alredy thank you for that.

Merci beaucoup.


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Aug 25