controller for device that need to keep heading steady

I'm building device that will move on water. Key thing is that device should keep setup direction (heading) steady whatever waves will move device up and down, tilt or even flip over. 

There will be one motor propelling device and two motors - left, right to adjust heading if device will get "off the track". I think the best is to use compass with tilt compensation. I tried to do it with arduino and LSM303C module but maybe easier will be to use flight controller. (or maybe not)

Device will continue on setup heading until it get signal to change - then will start to rotate until second signal sets up new heading - so movement is simple.

The best would be a controller that is compatible with arduino and can be programmed. or maybe arduino itself if someone could help me a bit with program. 

I'm open to suggestions if there is a better way to do it. I also dont want device to be very expensive...(within reason)

Thank you

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