Controlling 2-Axis glider plane with APM2.6

I intend to build the APM2.6 in a 2-Axis glider plane for long distance UAV flights,My setup is:Rudder (channel 1)Elevator (channel 2)Throttle (channel 3)Arming (channel 4)Flight mode (channel 8)So no airlerons and consequently no elevon or V tailIn the Ardupilot documentation I only see 3-Axis planes setup.Can the APM control safely my plane and how to setup ?Are there major drawback or risks in doing so ?Thanks Maarten

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  • Dear Chris,

    Thanks for your quick reply !

    Indeed 3 channel:Throttle, elevator, rudder. I understood this is called "2-Axis", but perhaps I'm wrong.
    Anyhow now I'm much more confident.

    Best regards Maarten
  • Your plane sounds like it is 3 channel? Throttle, elevator, rudder correct? I had an APM 2.5 in a glider just like this. Rudder servo is plugged into aileron output since it has the affect of ailerons. Nothing else needs to change and it's very easy to do. It also works very very well.

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