• You should be able to do this using the shutter settings in the camera gimbal setup under configuration in MP.
    • So if I use this link

      I would connect my circuit to pin A10 or 11, and then I could use the mission commands to call the camera shutter, which would actually just send a pulse out of that pin to my circuit?

      • Hi Bob, Yes that is the gist of it. For your purpose you would configure the shutter output as a 'relay' rather than 'servo' which will give you a 5v high on A9 for up to 5 seconds. From you link it looks like you might be using Arduplane. Though I have not used plane, I believe that you also have the option of using the DO_SET_REAY command if you set the appropriate RELAY_PIN parameter.

        You say that you have 'added your own changes to the software'. If you can customise the code then you have pretty much unlimited options for custom outputs on the pins based on what ever events you want.....

        • I'm using copter, but I was just looking at the plane page.

          Thanks a lot!

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