Controlling a drone through your own DroneKit application over 4G/LTE

This is a small introduction on how use Dronekit applications with the Sky Drone FPV 2 system.

Sky Drone FPV supports the Dronekit framework out of the box and makes it easier than ever for developers to create applications for autonomous drone control.

The Sky Drone FPV Client will automatically expose the MAVLink data of your drone via a local TCP server that can be used by Dronekit.

Using Dronekit for Python, all you have to do is setting the connection parameter to the localhost ( TCP server on port 5235:

vehicle = connect('tcp:')

Now you can program and test your code directly from the Groundstation side instead of running your Dronekit application on a companion computer on your drone. This makes testing much easier and productive through shorter iteration cycles.

This is a simple hello world program which gets data from your 4G/LTE connected drone on the groundstation side, even if your drone is thousands of kilometers away:

It really is that simple.

After you got your feed wet with status query commands, you can easily transition to commands for autonomous takeoff and flying complicated manoeuvres. See the Dronekit for Python Guide for more information.

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sweeeeet.....thanks am going try this controlling my copter now with a SIM900 module over 3G using mission works ok but gotta try this too

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