Hi guys, I'm new to all this and need some help. My question is to know whether it is possible to operate an R/C aircraft with a Joystick (as you would in e.g. MS flight simulator) or must it be a conventional R/C controller.


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Thanks alot

I have the Endurance-RC PCTx and it works very well.

However, there are some RC transmitters that it will not interface with: Futaba 6EX.

It works fine with the Spektrum DX6 and DX6i and the Hitec Laser 4 &6.

I use a Saitek joystick to drive my RC controlled Rover around when it is not on autopilot.

The Endurance-RC A to D converter board is nice too and you could use it to provide steering input also for the PCTx interface.

Just a thought.

That's brilliant however another question that just came to my attention, is there any way of compensating for the flip in the controls(i.e. when the aircraft is approaching left is right) ?

Sure, just put a camera in the front of the aircraft with a realtime video link and you will have a FPV setup that you can fly from the pilot's perspective and not have to worry about which way to steer when the plane is coming head-on.

Or learn how to fly!
As stikmunkey points out, your question really is silly.

I'm sorry to be so blunt, especially when we try to help people with their projects, but then you also never read much of this site, since the joystick and PCTx is well documented on several threads.

I do hope this does not stop you from learning to fly and experiment with R/C and autopilots, but I think you have a bit to work on first.
Yeah...sorry if I was a bit blunt there but I would learn how to fly first before investing in costly hardware.
Other than the looking cool factor, I'm struggling to understand why this is a good plan, is it not another fail point??

I could see the point if you were feeding information from say Flight Sim, because then you could set up the FS autopilot to fly a route and watch the aircraft fly although it would be fraught with issues.

What about a converter to plug a PC joystick into the trainer port, if really the effect you want is looking like you have a multi million dollar control system rather than an RC transmitter ;-)

A good place to start for free training is a search for FMS or flying model simulator, its a free RC sim and you will soon iron out the direction problems with it. You can even purchase very low cost dummy transmitters that plug in via USB. That will get your muscle memory working. Time spent on a sim, might just save you thousands of dollars in bent aircraft. That said the Easystar is so easy to fly if you have it built correctly out of the box that you could just leap in.

I wonder why nobody has offered an Easystar and transmitter package for noobs on here, I would have thought it would be good for vendors.
Thomas J Coyle III Thank you for your help really appreciated. I just wish that some of the other people here would have been as helpful as you I don't quite understand the need to mock someone specially if they say that they are new to this stuff and would like some help, its not that I have forced anyone to help or they must have a say. If a question is "Silly" then dont answer it no need to show off that you know better than me...

anyways cheers for the advice Thomas.
oh I almost forgot thanks Gary but I've had a look for the Easystar looks good but my understanding is that the controller is sold separate so I'm trying to do some research on controllers to find something that I would be able to use later on as well. Once again any opinions are invited and appreciated.
I would have to back up what Thomas and Garry Have said.
The PCTx is you best choice but it is only going to add control latency, make your system more complex (and therefore more prone to failure) -especially if you are planning to use it on an Aircraft.
If your trusty laptop freezes or decides to run a virus scan while you are trying to fly your aircraft, the chances are your going to crash...



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