Coolest! ! ! My drone has two special eyes -- Sharingan & Byakugan

    Hi, guys! Have you ever seen the Japanese anime and cartoon-- NarutoIt is amazing and exciting. For me, Naruto accompanies me to grow up. Especially, what the most impress me is the power of Eyes, one is the Sharingan from Uchiha family and the other is the Byakugan from Hyuga. They are both powerful and cool. Although the cartoon is over, in memory of the cartoon and the Eyes power, I equip my drone with Sharingan (3D camera) and Byakugan (Laser LiDAR).

    Firstly, I would like to talk about the Byakugan (Laser LiDAR) in this post.

It is a little guy called TFmini from Benewake technology based on ToF, it is very light and invisible for secretly detection. I choose this kind of Lidar for my drone because it is so tiny yet powerful and almost add no needless weight to my drone. I rely on TFmini to hold drone altitude and terrain following. It is like a autobot without transfomation, and I am enthusiastic about the drone transfoming field, are here any friends as me. OK! It is a bit go far away from my topic today. 

TFmini weighs 4.7g and tiny as a coin with tiny volume and lower power consumption to make sure my drone can fly for a long time so I can explore broader areas secretly ! And here is the illustration picture of TFmini (Byakugan).

The Sharigan (3D camera) will be post in the next discussion. Thank you for watching!

And if you have other better performance Lidar, please tell me and I may test it myself.

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