Copter 3.1 / Mission Planner feet/meters mismatch?

Somewhere I have a feet/meters mismatch and I cannot find it.

I set off on an auto flight plan today that ended up not going so well as I clipped some trees shortly after take off. 

Reviewing the data, I should have been at 50 meters, and I was only at 16 meters when I clipped the top of the trees.

I've double checked both the computers that I used, one to plan the mission, the other that I used for telemetry and both have Dist Units set to Meters, and both have Speed set to fps.

Attached is a screen shot of the mission file saved as (text), and how Mission planner has it.    It seems to me that Mission planner is showing me feet, when it's set to meters, and the actual mission is correct.

Total carnage only cost me some landing gear today, other than that all good but I'd like to know what's causing this so I don't repeat it.



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  • OK, so after some further investigation.

    If the distance in Planner is set to meters and the speed units are set to something other than knots, you'll get this issue.

    In my case I had the speed units set to fps.   

    Hope this doesn't bite anyone else.

    • Do you know if this has been fixed in recent versions?


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