Copter turns before waypoint and cuts the corners.

Hi Guys 

Has anyone experienced the copter turning and backing into a way point ?  I also seem to have an issue with the same copter cutting the corners off on all way points on one end in my missions.

Any ideas what maybe causing it ?  It flies well other wise seems to do what its told ..except I have noticed if I don't reboot the Pixhawk after loading a mission will just sit in mid air and do nothing. Seems it is not taking the file seriously until it is rebooted (unplugged and replugged) then it is fine and off it goes.  I am more concerned though why it is cutting corners and backs into way points at one end ?

Cheers Reuben 

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  • Hi, this is a normal behaivour because the virtual point that the copter follows is always in front and on the track of the next WP.

    The only way to make the copter pass on the WP is that it has a very narrow angle or it has a 1 second stop on that WP.


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