I have a Walkera H500 Tali which I'm having firmware/software issues with. The currently loaded firmware is H500 2.2 (which I believe is the newest update), with a Devo F12E transmitter.

The issue I'm having is I keep getting having a Prearm failure of RC not calibrated. I have calibrated the RC which does not make a difference.

I have disabled the RC Pre-arm check and that will allow me to arm the motors and it works fine, but if I reboot the H500, then the RC Pre-arm check gets re-enabled automatically. This also happens with any settings I change (a reboot resets the changed settings).

I have gone into the terminal functions Setup > and erased the eeprom file, and reset to factory defaults - which makes no difference.

I have rolled back the firmware to version 1.2 and re-upgraded to version 2.2. I've done this about a million times without any luck.

Lastly, when I power on the H500 it only beeps once, compared to the double beep when it is working correctly. Then I'll go into Mission planner disable the RC Pre-Arm check and arm the motors, after arming the motors then the second beep occurs which makes me believe this is a firmware issue. 

Any help please??? I'm out of ideas...

Sorry I'm not sure where this topic should be posted...

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