Could use some feedback for my store :)

Hey everyone!

I am in the process of making an e-store that sells drones, RC cars/boats/helis etc.

The url is If you wouldnt mind taking a quick look and providing me with some feedback about how i could improve the site, i would be highly appreciative. As you can see, im still in the process of adding products to some categories, but feedback on design/colour or pricing, or even specific products you would like to see added is always useful to me.

Thanks guys


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  • I think the orange/red background, black banner & small (header) text looks pretty busy. Otherwise I can't help much stylistically.

    You've some neat products but you're asking for input on and I'm pretty sure most of us would like to see some DIY drone products. Offer a few different flight controllers, px4 or arducopter and at least one fpv-oriented controller, raceflight maybe. I would think that some of the 2+ in 1 combination boards including flight control, ESC and/or PDB (not to mention BECS, OSD, fpv circuitry...) would sell pretty well - particularly for the racing crowd. May want to try listing some materials for sale also. Some CFRP panels in commonly used dimensions, same for tubes, tube clamps, etc. Fasteners, adhesives...

    Good luck!

  • Remove advertisements and don't start from zero, get some inspiration from the few good looking shops out there. aand you need a banner with changing products. Good luck!

    Since Hobby King UK will no longer be able to ship to Europe there will be stormy waters in UK... . What do you think?

  • Some opinion to improve: try to provide everything you need to assemble the kits that you sell like motor esc, etc. and some spare parts in case of a crash.
    Another thing that I always see as buyer is if the shop has Pay pal.
    Other silly thing, look for a more important logo.
    I cant find were are you from, that important for buyers for shipping cost, etc.
    Good luck with your new buisness ;)
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