Crash after failsafe engaged apm 2.5

I had a pretty serious crash on Saturday after a few minutes of flying.  I'm a newb at all of this, but I was able to download the logs and graph them after the flight trying to figure out what the heck happened.  Towards the end of my logs the graphs clearly say Err: Failsafe_Radio-1 and Err:Failsafe_Radio-0.  The distance of the quad wasn't all that far from the launch site so I can't understand why this would happen.  

The worst part was that the quad went about 200-250yrds down field and crashed pretty hard instead of returning home; breaking all four props, motor mounts, gps mount and battery holder.  

I guess the RTL command would be the reason I lost control of the quad.  My biggest question is why would it fly so far away and crash so hard with what appeared to be a GPS lock before the initial take off?  Also, if anyone could examine the logs I have attached could you tell me if anything else happened maybe that I need to fix or debug??  

2014-03-10 21-58-27 53.log

2014-03-10 21-58-27 53.log.gpx

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  • Robert, I just had a VERY similar situation. I do not have much to offer, aside from saying that you're not alone. Glad you were able to generate some feedback, because I received almost none.

    I am also suspicious of my radio, what kind were you using? I've got a FS-TH9X with default receiver. I have not been able to recreate the throttle dropouts at close range, I plan to try a longer range this weekend. Hope you can find out if the frsky module resolves the issue.

    I've got more info on my writeup here:

    • Hi Joe

      I have been browsing thru some throttle in dropout issues since I have been experiencing them as well.

      Check out my posts if you are interested.

      Cheers, Steve

    • 3DR Y6 with Spektrum DX7

      I've been having problems with RTL mode for about 2 months now. I don't trust it at all now.

      Somewhat recently the RTL phase remained hovering at 5m for like 20sec (much longer than parameters state). Then it began descend but started to act erratically, rocking forward and backwards with props going crazy or visibly stopping for a moment. Then it tried to fall forward and crashed.

      Missions, stablise mode and alt hold all work fine.

      I had a workaround with landing while in Loiter but now that too is showing erratic behavior.

      This has happened to a colleagues X8 recently and we are baffled as to why.

      Hopefully others can help here. Or maybe 3Drobotics

    • I was using a dx6i with an orange receiver.  Since the crash I was able to order a frsky taranis and x8r receiver.  Can't wait to actually get to try it out with the quad in the air.  Waiting on the slow boat from China to deliver my repair parts!

  • I noticed the current went way up right before the copter went down...


    • Eddie, this is a nice looking graph. Was this produced by mission planner? What options are you using to overlay the mode, errors, and time?

      • Yes... Mission planner ver 1...  Bottom left... load log file...  select parm on the bottom right...

    • Any idea why that would occur?

      • Yep.... If an ESC fails... it sometimes shorts out, drawing lots of current...

        Check for a bunt ESC...  What shape is the copter now..

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