Crash after failsafe engaged apm 2.5

I had a pretty serious crash on Saturday after a few minutes of flying.  I'm a newb at all of this, but I was able to download the logs and graph them after the flight trying to figure out what the heck happened.  Towards the end of my logs the graphs clearly say Err: Failsafe_Radio-1 and Err:Failsafe_Radio-0.  The distance of the quad wasn't all that far from the launch site so I can't understand why this would happen.  

The worst part was that the quad went about 200-250yrds down field and crashed pretty hard instead of returning home; breaking all four props, motor mounts, gps mount and battery holder.  

I guess the RTL command would be the reason I lost control of the quad.  My biggest question is why would it fly so far away and crash so hard with what appeared to be a GPS lock before the initial take off?  Also, if anyone could examine the logs I have attached could you tell me if anything else happened maybe that I need to fix or debug??  

2014-03-10 21-58-27 53.log

2014-03-10 21-58-27 53.log.gpx

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          • If all the motors are running... its prob not a shorted ESC..

            smell each one... if it shorted you will be able to smell it...

            smell each motor also.... they stink if they start to fail...

            • Didn't notice any smokey or odd smells from the esc or motors.  

  • This is a screenshot of the kmz log.  I was basically just flying back and forth, nothing special, but at the end you can obviously see where the quad veered off after RTL was engaged.  3701687905?profile=original

    • have you tested Loiter mode before RTL? What was the offset for compassmot? 

      • I have tested loiter mode before and it does ok, hovering in a radius of about 3-5ft.  How do I determine the offset for compassmot?

        • Developer
          When you rebuild post a log of you running the quad in loiter mode.

          To me that KMZ looks like the orientation for the compass was set wrong, with dying power from the almost flat battery.

          RTL would have taken control of the quad, but if you changed mode back to stab you could have done a manual landing. (If in stab, just switch out and back in to do that)
          • Got some loiter time today, not sure how long you needed it in loiter, but it seemed like it moved around quite a bit while in the mode so I didn't keep it there long.  

            2014-04-02 14-48-00.log.gpx

            2014-04-02 15-09-37.tlog

          • 3702819366?profile=originalFinally got everything in a reassembled.  This is my compassmot screenshot.  I will do a loiter test and post my logs sometime today.  

          • I will do that as soon as the parts come in.  The battery was pretty fresh and still had 15.7v on it when I check it.  When you are referring to the compass being set wrong are you referring to the compass calibration or the way it was setup in mission planner?

  • No one has any ideas?  I don't want this to occur again if there is something I can do.  I did have the failsafe on in the event of a receiver issue and there was a solid GPS lock before initial takeoff.  This still has me puzzled. 

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