I had another crash today. I started the flight in manual mode and switched to FBWA when I had gained some altitude. The plane felt really sluggish. Turn radius was very large and the plane kept loosing altitude slowly. I should've switched to manual after the first few seconds, but I kept in FBWA and only switched to manual when it was already too low and I managed to loop into the ground.

The plane is a 3-channel rudder-elevator glider. The PID controllers have been tuned to satisfaction. Most of the log is the plane just lying in the car or on the ground. The flight starts at about 16:44.

I would appreciate it if you would help me find out what caused the plane to loose altitude and made it feel so sluggish in FBWA.

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Oh, and the 50 meter altitude drop is becasue I did a preflight calibration. For some reason my APM need up to an hour before the barometric altitude stops glimbing.

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