ArduCopter version: 2.2 (modified to send extra mavlink data, enable higher throttle and some minor changes)

OSD: MinimOSD (modified firmware)

Platform: Tricopter

osd video:

See attached log specially the abnormal Roll IN and Pitch IN values at the end, just before the crash.

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Why were you using 2.2? It's very old and has many bugs that have since been fixed. 

Hi Chris, thanks for your interest, 

I tried 2.4 but the yaw servo moved very erratically (when hovering). It was like the vibrations affected much more in 2.4 than in 2.2, it was harder to control and less stable, so I changed to 2.2.

Gotcha. I think you'll have much better performance with 2.4.2, which we'll be releasing this week. It's the first code that's optimized for APM 2 and it handles vibration much better on APM 1, too. 

Great! I really appreciate your hard work.



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