Crash when ground station signal was lost and using joystick

I was flying Arducopter 3.2 today with the ground station telemetry failsafe parameter enabled and set to RTL. It was hovering stably on guided mode and using a usb joystick when my ground station signal was lost then 5 seconds later the quadcopter started gyrating wildly around all axis and crashed. I am a programmer, so I will try to find out what is wrong. Could there be a delay in the firmware code that slows down the gyroscope stabilizing it?

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  • Update: I found a solution to the problem. After analyzing the logs I discovered that when the ground station signal is lost the arducopter is trying to switch to an rc radio or reset all of the RCIN values to the minimum like 900 us, so I removed the lines of code about clearing the overrides when the failsafe is triggered and keeping the override active and set a default value for RCIN during failsafe. Now it returns to launch and lands properly. The new Mission Planner 2.0 doesn't seem to support usb joysticks, so i am not sure if the developers would be interested in making changes to the Arducopter 3.2 firmware, but I think a lot of people like using joysticks.

    • Hi john:

           i encounter the same problem, can you explain  specific modification.

      • Hi Ben,

        At least I am not the only one with this problem. After modifying the events.pde file the autopilot was able to safely take control and land from a loss of ground station radio signal when using a joystick. I made the changes a year ago to arducopter 3.2, so the code will probably be different, but I added:

        add default RCIN override values to failsafe_gcs_update_ms constructor in events.pde:

        int16_t v[8];
        v[0] = 1500;
        v[1] = 1500;
        v[2] = 1150;
        v[3] = 1500;

        remove clear overrides and override deactivate just below that:

        //failsafe.rc_override_active = false;

        China is a nice country. I visited friends in Beijing a year ago. Maybe I could look into fixing the code on newer firmware for those of us who want to use joysticks with failsafe. Also it is nice if you build your own radio control system and want to use the telemetry port.

        • Hi John,  

              Thank you very much for your reply, i will have a try with your solution.




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