Crash with Arduplane 2.76, in FBWA mode

Had a bad crash today flying in FBWA, with a plane that has logged 100+ flights without any issues. Only change was upgrade to 2.76. Was flying level at full throttle, and the plane just took a nose dive straight down. I have never seen any behavior like this in FBWA mode before, so I am weary of 2.76. Has anybody else reported these kinds of issues with 2.76.? There could have been some other failure, but too much damage to really know now.

I will look for log files to attach once I figure out where they are.

P. Duffy

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  • Log file attached. There is a high probably that my plane suffered some sort of air-frame failure as I was flying on a pretty windy day, and going full throttle at the time of the crash, and the plane was going around 36m/s however it would be a good think to verify that nothing in the software caused the issue. Being a software engineer myself, I know how easy it is to blame the code when some other 'user' error was the reason. 

    Thanks, Patrick


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    I've had problems with v2.76 too, would need to see the logs to see if it's related.

  • Developer

    do you have a log? of any sort?

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