Hi guys!


I´m newbie in the forum and I am looking for answers because I think I am doing all steps correctly and something wrong it is happening.


1 month ago I bought my arducopter kit, I have soldered it and I have built my own frame and mounted my first arducopter

The problems start when after programing in the AMP with the last downloaded version, I am trying to do my first setup before flying.


After program and test in CLI position, I have gone to FLY position and I have plugged my LiPo, red and green lights starting to blink, the arducopter PCB is starting, red one is for GPS connection and the green one blinking is motors armed (as throotle down right), then I go throotle up and the motors do not run then I move throotle left down and the green light go solid I go throotle up and the motor start to run all this happend while I have my USB connected.


Then I disconnected The USB wire all looks like OK, I go throotle up and motors are running, now with the other stick moving around, I hear all motors going up and going down r.p.m


Finally I unplug the LiPo, plug again I am trying to go throotle up to hear motors and nothing happens, red and green lights are blinking, the green one looks like motors armed but all is wrong!


Motors armed when is solid green light.


Only works with USB connected.


I have the receiver connected to the arducopter PCB for power supply and with external Rx battery too!! 


I think PCB arducopter is damaged, am I right?


I hope somebody could help me!


Thank you everybody for read my post


See you!!!

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Hi friend,


I am having some problems like you, you can read my post hear and see if you have similar problems




nobody has respond to my post


I hope if I can help you in something




Don't know if my problem is the same. See  my thread:



Can arm and run motor during calibration but on powering down cannot rearm motor again. Just assembled my AC2 kit from jDrones. Initially thought it was my turnigy 9X, bought a futaba 6J same problem again.

Hi, sounds like your channels (wires) on receiver are in the wrong way. Check again?

I have read your post and something similar it is happening me, kust when I unplug LiPo and I try connet again I can not arm motors anyway.

Only if I use USB wire con do it and my motors are armed with solid green light no with blink green light.


Have you obtained answer?



Hi friend, the problem is not channels wire I can arm and run motors. I can hear them when I move my right stick but only when USB is conneted


Any suggestions!!



Have you checked the Troubleshooting Guide? It specifically addresses this. Look for this solder jumper in particular:


Hi Chris,

the PCB is welded from factory, I read the troubleshooting guide.
And it is funny, the problem was solved with the new APM software, in Configuration, Setup.
When I setup the radio, I observed that I need to change Yaw switch to reverse and now I can plug in my battery, the green light is blinked, move the stick to arm the motor, green light is solid, and now I start to run the motors when throotle up every time I plug in my LiPo.

thank you everybody


Gotcha. Your Yaw channel was just reversed. I've updated the Troubleshooting Guide to cover that, too.

i had the same problem but i fixed it but know i have other problem please read this


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