How to make a servo actuate autonomously when reached at certain target (coordinate) using CRIUS AIOP and mirco servo.

Can anybody help me related to that problem. Is there need a programming??

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Put Do_Set_Servo after the waypoint. Fill in which servo number and what PWM you want, like 1000 for close or 2000 for open.
In the parameters the RC# Function should be set to zero.

tq 4 help. im sorry i do not know detail about robotic regarding servo. u mean that "Do_Set_Servo" is put after the waypoint in the coding?? 

can u please give me any references related to how to setting up servo autonomously?? tq :D

Do you know how to program a flight plan in mission planner yet?
After the waypoint, use Add Below to insert another, change to Do_Set_Servo. Enter the channel number and the PWM setting you want. Just use 1000 for one direction or 2000 for the other. No coding required, very simple.

im just following these steps for my CRIUS board. but i want to put extra function which the servo.. so i totally dont know how to program.

refer my attacment regarding the steps i followed


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