I know this feature request has been asked many times, Cumulative mAh.

I use two size batteries, a 2200 mAh and a 2650mAh. Fortunately, I can still remember what battery I put in the plane. :-) So, the Cum mAh would allow me to just keep track of that rather than changing the capacity value in MP each time I use a different battery.


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ive added a estimate of consumed mah, right click the hud, and add a a user item. battery_usedmah

Thanks, I'll Give it a try tomorrow.

please do report back, im 99 % sure its should be good, but just in case.

Hi Michael,

A little off topic here,  but my current sensor now report 0A in the Mission Planner. It used to work before.  I am using APM 2.0 with a 90A sparkfun sensor.  I voltage reading is normal.

I used to have the amps readout before.

Best regards,


Hi Michael,

I didn't test until today. Seems to work fine. There is a small variation between the % and the Cum mAh. Taking the percent of the 1800mAh I put in for MP and 11% remaining when I landed would give about 1602 mAh consumed. On the Cum mAh reading I got about 1565 mAh. I don't know if that is within the degree of certainty that you expect from your algorithm?

There is one strange thing I noticed that you maybe able to fix. When I play back the tlog, if I let it play all the way through, the Cum mAh is fine. But if I drag the slider back, unlike percent consumed, the Cum mAh consumed restarts at 0 mAh hours when I begin playback again. I hope that's clear? :)

All in all I'm quite happy with this add.



The algo calculated current consumed, without taking into account the enter mah size. ie will work for the people that don't enter there battery size, or have more than one battery size and never change it.


Yes, I understand but what is the formula for the calculation. When I got home, I put the battery on the charger and it only charged up about 1100mAh. I thought it strange that my battery should go so fast. So the Cum mAh in MP showed using 1565 mAh, when, in fact, I used 1100. Is there a way to tweak the readings from the ADC? The % used was accurate for me until the last Rev. So something changed.


Did you check to make sure the MP is still set to show V + I?

Like the this item..

How do you reset the cum value to 0 after flying a pack?.. Unless I reload MP it continues to add the next pack usage to the old cum value..

I usually fly one long flight so I never had to reset. Short answer, I don't know. One issue I have is when playing back tlogs, if you drag the slider up or down, the cum mAh will start over again. If you got 500mAh and moved the slider, you would restart at 0mAh.
Btw if u use telem and remove power from ur vehicle, u will start a new tlog n there should b a reset.

disconnect, and reconnect will reset the value.

Hi Michael...I tried that several times but didn't work in .72.. Again, can say I really like this feature..Thanks

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