Custom Carbon Fiber Foldable Quad GoPro Frame!

Hello again all.


I've designed a custom Carbon Fiber foldable Quad air frame specifically for the GoPro camera, this frame will have foldable legs and will be super strong and lightweight. What do you guys think, any comments suggestions ? Would any of you be interested in purchasing frames like this ?



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  • your motor mounts look a lot like the ones I have been making.  Have been using them for some time, and they work very well. I mold them using a light weight plastic casting resin with fiberglass, or graphite mixture.  This one is fiberglass.  Very strong and light weight. 3692365834?profile=original

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    any news ? ;-)

    Cheers Andi

  • Nice Quad !!!! Would be also nice for X8 !

    Following your Post here...

    Kind Regards


  • I am currently working on a foldable quadrotor. But mine was using the square aluminium arm. I have a question on how to go about securing the square arm when extended And the thing can be taken out easily when folding the arm.
  • What is the specification of your main plate ?

  • Looks great, how much are you asking for one?

  • Wow really impressive, I be watching your progress. I have no means of making frame for myself and been lurking the internet for a small portable quad for hauling GoPro and yours is by far the best IMO. Jago's frame is great for bigger rig, his vids are amazing hope to watch your vids.

  • Hi Duran , it look a lot like this one (which is non-carbon fiber) :


    What would be neat it to have a readyly integrated gimbal/platform on that, and just have to plugin servo powers and it would be ready to use cam stabilisation (pitch and roll)


    Yours looks beautifull and easy to use too, congratulation for your fine projections, i wish i had experience with 3d prototyping softwares 

  • I would be interested in this but I hope there is a way to mount something like Jakub's 2-axis gopro mount. Or probably 2 more tubes underneath to mount camera mount and battery on the otherside like the xaircraft x650.


    For FPV i think this is already perfect no need to change anything, I like the idea of the concentration of the mass is on the CoG.


    Thanks for sharing

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