Hello Everyone,

This is also my first post in the forum. I want to make a custom PDB board out of a 2mm 20x20cm copper plate. One part will be the positive plate and another the ground plate according to maximum current ratings of the system. I am thinking of drilling holes for 14 AWG wires(ESC's) and 12 AWG (batteries) on the plates and adding additional screws to keep them tight.Then solder each connection. Heat of the plates is expected to be high so this is also the reason I want to build my own.

I am currently designing a prototype quadcopter(later may be octo, but lets keep it simple) with the following specs:
2x 12S (each is a pair of 6s 8.000mAh 22.2V) Li-Po Batteries
4x 60A ESC's
4x Turnigy Multistar 9235-100 Motors.

According to my calculations:
Battery Power stage:
12S (2series 6S) is 44.4V 8.000mAh
4x12S (4 parallel packs) is 44.4V 32.000mAh

Motor/ESC Power stage:
4x60=240A Max power that ESC's can handle.

Total offered power from batteries:
(mAh to A conversion needed)
8.000mAh=8Ah x 6S= 48A
8Ah x 12S= 96A (Max for one battery pair)
2 x 96A= 192A (Max for two 12S)

If my calculations are wrong or have mistakes feel free to inform me so i can recalculate!

So about the discussion, is it possible to make it this way or simple wiring with a fat wire like 8 AWG between batteries and ESC's is an alternative? Do other considerations have to be considered in this attempt of mine?

Thank you!

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