According to the wiki, this should be a built in function that can be turned on through the CLI but I don't see the option for it, even if I just do enable all when it updates and tells me what's enabled MOTORS (which is the function to record the pwms sent to the motors) doesn't come up. 

Any ideas? 

I'll put up screen shots soon. 

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What wiki page are you referring to? (please provide a link)

Hi Chris, 

Thanks for the reply, I'm referring to the ArduPlane Manual found here

Has the option been removed? I'm running the latest mission planner and apm 2.5. 


i think motors is valid for arducopter. but not for arduplane

Michael, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying. I'll update the wiki accordingly. 

Thanks for the reply Michael, 

I've been looking into adding this to the arduplane code, is there a reason why it's not there already? From going through the code, it seems like it would be a simple add, but I may be completely missing the scope of how much code I'll actually have to add and test. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I'll look at the arducopter code for guidance, I imagine something like this (data logging) should basically be the same for both right?

I'll upload if I can get it working, hopefully it doesn't take me too long. 


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