Hello everybody,

I have the following question on the PM message of the Dataflash.

This page (http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/downloading-and-analyzing-data-log...) describes each field of the PM message of the Dataflash.

However, in arduplane version 2.7.4b that I'm running the FMT message for the PM, says that the fields are:

 'LTime'    'MLC'    'gDt'    'RNCnt'    'RNBl'    'GPScnt'    'GDx'    'GDy'    'GDz'    'I2CErr'

Can someone explain those fields to me and their units?

Thanks in advance

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The same goes for the MODE message; FMT states that the fields are Mode and ModeNum but the page I linked to say different.

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